1970's Pepsi Garland Swivel Pen


1970's Pepsi Garland swivel pen, made in the USA, perfect condition. Uncirculated, as new.  

From the box:

"Garland Heirloom Guarantee
Your GARLAND Writing Instrument is unquestionably guaranteed against mechanical failure with a full warranty of unlimited duration, when returned to GARLAND service department. Refills, leads and erasers depleted during the normal course of use are excluded. This Heirloom Guarantee ensures a product that can be handed down and will be serviced from generation to generation.

Service & Accessories Mail To: Service Department. 3 South Main Street, Coventry, RI 02816 U.S.A."

As you can see these pens come with a guarantee to last from generation to generation, and they still honor it! So buy it for yourself now and give it to the kids later.

5.25" long



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