Antique, Epergne, Large, Vase, 5 Trumpets, Glass, Raspberry, Frilled, Mouth Blown, Hand Made, Rare

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A beautiful, antique, large, FIVE trumpet epergne crafted by hand (mouth blown) in attractive raspberry glass in excellent condition.  

According to the family from whom this rare items comes, this inherited heirloom was situated in Eastern Canada in Montreal (Quebec) in the late 1800's, and made its way to Edmonton after that.

This is a Victorian era item intended to grace the home with an elegant array of stemmed blossoms placed in water within each frilled glass trumpet.

Additional clear spiralled frills embellish the sides of the glass trumpets.

Each trumpet is tipped with a secure brass end which neatly fits into the central frog positioned in the centre of the base of the epergne.  

The central trumpet has a twist fitted base.

The raspberry colour of the hued portions of the glass is achieved by the clever addition of gold powder to the molten glass by a skilled glass maker.

A very desirable collectible.  

An amazing and rare find!

About 22" high.


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