Antique Oval Platter from W Adams & Sons ~1891-1910


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An antique oval platter from W Adams & Sons ~1891-1910.

Adorned with teal coloured rose sprays around the border of this dish.  Tunstall, from Stoke-0n-Trent a famous English pottery making centre which has been historically renowned for its large deposits of both clay and coal.  Stoke-on-Trent was historically renowned for its many pottery producers, (including Moorcroft pottery which still exists today).

The hallmark geatures the famous "Staffordshire Knot," a pretzel-like symbol which has been historically associated with the region being earliest attributed to Ethelfleda, daughter of Alfred the Great in 913 ("With this girdle, I bind us all as one" upon which and the three local areas became united as Staffordshire).

Although not as old as anything from the time of Ethelfleda, this platter is definitely past the 100 year mark and while it remains whole, it does show some wear.  This wear should not detract from the function and enjoyment of this piece and helps to reassure the collector of its place in history.



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