Bakelite Ochre Carved Bangle


A lovely and classic ochre bakelite bangle, deeply carved with leaves and flowers.

This unique piece makes a statement, both as a visual piece and as a piece with an interesting history.

This type of bakelite jewellery was especially popular during the Art Deco period. As costume jewellery it was a very fashionable and eye-catching way to dress up a lady’s outfit.

Dr. Leo Bakeland invented Bakelite in 1907. This vintage plastic was one of the first all-synthetic plastic created. It enjoyed many applications including: telephones, radios, billiard balls, electrical insulators, and yes, costume jewellery. Bangles such as the one featured were carved from blocks of Bakelite.

This vintage plastic was used to create wonderful and distinct jewellery that collectors today still appreciate.

Item Details:
- 3.75" wide/diameter, total measured side to side
- 0.75" thick (bangle)


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