Bald's Furniture Balm


Gently restores and refurbishes tired and abraded wood furniture without removing finish or character. 

Ideal for vintage wood finishes that need freshening without investing in a total stripping and refinishing.  Minimizes to the point of disappearing most marks, scratches, and other abrasions  on vintage furniture finishes.

Recreated in England using traditional formulae encompassing medieval techniques and 21st century technology by a professional woodworker who was keen on creating such a product with a minimum of toxic ingredients.  The glass bottle contains an small oak acorn which helps to stir up the liquid when you shake the bottle before using this product.

Available for either light wood finishes (Teak, Pine, Yew, etc) OR dark wood finishes (Cherry, Rosewood, Mahogany, etc).

Made with all natural oils. No harsh fumes.

We have used this extensively in the store. We think it is wonderful stuff!


Made in the UK.



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