Goebel (see also Hummel)

Goebel, Figurine, Vintage, King, Three Kings, Wiseman, Wisemen, Christmas, Xmas, Nativity, Rare, Porcelain, Ceramic, TMK1, FULL BEE, Purple Cloak

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A very RARE ceramic Nativity figurine of one of the Three Wisemen, or Three Kings from the Christmas Story.

This purple cloaked tall king, with blonde hair and beard, holds his hands in prayer as he gazes down (to where her infant Jesus would be). 

Created by Goebel, likely from the 1930's.

The base is hallmarked with the desirable incised "Full Bee" (TMK1).  This was the first hallmark used by Goebel and is much appreciated by serious Goebel collectors.

Goebel is the same company responsible for the creation of Hummel figurines.  Hummel figurines were first fashioned in 1934 after the paintings of Sister Maria Innocentia (nee Berta Hummel, 1909 to 1946) by sculptors Reingold Unger (1880 to 1974) and Arthur Moller (1886 to 1972) of W. Goebel Porzelanfabrik in Germany.  This figurine was made at about the same time that the first hummel figurines were being fashioned in Germany.

9.5" High

In good vintage condition, BUT with a chip upon his crown (please refer to the images).  the price on this item has been adjusted accordingly.

A very special find!


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