Grandfather Clock English ~1800 to 1850


This Grandfather clock was brought to Calgary from England in the 1880s or 1890s. 

The wood case is decorated with veneers of different woods (possibly walnut and mahogany).  The hand painted enameled face bears imagery of a rural haying scene with a horse.  The corner spandrels feature hand painted overblown roses, typical of English clocks (like other makers from the Yorkshire area) of the years of about 1800 to 1850.  

A handpainted seascape features a brass automaton in the shape of a ship which rocks back and forth keeping tally of the passing seconds.

The face features hand painted acknowlegement of (Or?)mston, possibly a clockmaker from Scarborough.  Apparently almost every town in Yorkshire had its own clockmaker during the time period when this clock was made, likely 1800 to 1850.

This clock is an unusual find in this part of the Canadian prairies.  It is older than many of the naturally occurring family heirlooms that we run across in this part of the world.  It does show some experience with a few missing bits of veneer  and a few cosmetic cracks in an otherwise very sturdy case.  A bit of the enamel in the clock face imagery is also missing.  

The clockwork mechanism is in good shape and in running order.  It emits pleasant healthy chimes on the hour and half hour.  The mechanism is wound on gut loops and it still retains the original cast iron weights.

90" high, 20" wide, 10" deep.

This is a nice antique that may be enjoyed as it is.  A future owner may find this clock to be a worthy candidate for serious restoration.  (Clocks of this sort in restored or immaculate condition can be valued in the current market in the $6000 range).



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