Pendelfin Pixie Bod House Complete and 3 Pixie Bods. RARE


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This is an EXTREMELY RARE Pixie Bod house from the makers at Pendelfin, creators of whimsical creature figurines under Pendel Hill, Burnley England.

The few that were made were only created from 1965 to 1967, in the days before the rabbits multiplied and took over the Pendelfin world.

This vintage set is complete: Pixie Bod House in two parts (base and top), chimney, "Pendelfin" sign, two plastic tree things (I think it looks better without these, but who am I to say), and three individual original Pixie Bods with all of their clothes (these are almost as rare as the Pixie Bod House).  All created from "stonecraft" (stoneware.)  All hand painted.

This set is in almost mint condition with only some slight wear marks (two flea bites on the base) which are very very minimal.

Very large and HEAVY. And it is the real thing.

21" high
10.25" deep
18" wide


Pixie Bods and the famous fanciful anthropomorphized rabbit figurines came from the lively imaginations of artists Jeannie Todd and Jean Walmsley Heap. Production of these figurines began in the 1950s. The primary designer of these Pendelfin rabbit figurines, Jean Walmsley Heap, passed away in 2008 and the production of Pendelfin from England virtually ceased. This item is an example of work produced in England under the Pendelfin name before production of these was moved overseas.

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