Pendelfin The Night Before figurine


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Here is a sweet little tableau featuring a Christmas eve tradition of hanging a stocking by the fireplace. Little child bunny perches on a chair while mother bunny brings in holiday sweets on a tray for celebratory eveing snack.

These fanciful anthropomorphized rabbit figurines came from the lively imagination of artists Jeannie Todd and Jean Walmsley Heap. Production of these figurines began in the 1950s under Pendle Hill near Burnley, England. The primary designer of these Pendelfin rabbit figurines, Jean Walmsley Heap, passed away in 2008 and the production of Pendelfin from England virtually ceased. This item is an example of work produced under the Pendelfin name in the company's later years.

This figurine is unused and in excellent condition. 

Comes with the original box.


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