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A vintage Pendelfin figurine, "Wayne", in action (!), surfing on cresting waves.

Features an adventurous anthropomorphic rabbit of ceramic stonecraft, wearing turquoise pants, a yellow shirt with turquoise collar.

He is expertly perched upon a bright yellow and red zig zag lightning patterned surfboard.  the keel of which is visible towards the back by the rushing foaming blue green waves.

This figurine was the design of Pendelfin designer Tony Green.

"TG" in bright red adorns the left front pocket of Wayne's shirt, "PD" is marked onto his back right pocket, and "PENDELFIN" is marked into the back left of the waves.

The original foil sticker remains attached to the green felt covering the underside of the base.

These fanciful anthropomorphized rabbit figurines came from the lively imaginations of artists Jeannie Todd and Jean Walmsley Heap. Production of these figurines began in the 1950s. The primary designer of these Pendelfin rabbit figurines, Jean Walmsley Heap, passed away in 2008 and the production of Pendelfin from England virtually ceased. This item is an example of work produced under the Pendelfin name after production of these was moved overseas.

About 5.25" high.

In excellent condition.


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