SOLD Medium size Singing Bowl - hand hammered

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SOLD A rare, genuine hand made, hand hammered medium sized brass singing bowl. 

Unlike machine made bowls which are more commonly found, our singing bowls were created by skilled Tibetan Buddhist makers.  Each bowl is one of a kind.

Comes with matched red suede covered wood stick (stick may not be the exact one pictured here).

The stick used to create a cool and sweet humming tone from the bowl.  To generate the tone, the stick is firmly rubbed in a continuous motion against the exterior rim of the bowl.  A tone with some variations in the harmonics is produced.  

The stick can also be gently tapped on the rim of the bow to create a sonorous bell tone.

Both methods of sound generation are utilized for meditations, yoga, and just because it is a cool and pleasing sound!

Rich alto tone on this one.


1.5 kg




6.5" diameter

3.5" H



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