Vintage 1970's 7up Clicmatic Ballpoint Pen


1970's vintage 7up RARE clicmatic ballpoint pen in excellent condition. 

First Click: "Come Un - It's Time"
Second Click: "Liquid 10oz/284ml 26oz/739ml 35.2oz/1l 52.8pz/15l"
Third Click: "Weight 1oz/28.35 1oz(troy)/31.1g 1lb/0.45kg 1ton/0.91t"
Fourth Click: "Temp. 0°F/-18°C 32°F/0°C 68°F/20°C 90°F 32°C"

Intended to assist Canadians with the newly introduced metric system, it provides a conversion chart to convert between metric and imperial with every click!

Uncirculated, as new.  

5.25" long





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